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This will probably get me smothered to death, but I can’t resist.

I’m so annoying bahaha this is hilarious and loud fyi

Commissions, Patreon and the Misty the Mouse Compendium Updates


Hey, folks!

I am open for commissions.

I can do sketches to full inks to full digital coloring. If interested please email me at: or at

My Paypal info is:

Apart from commissions, there are still available slots open on Patreon: currently 8 out of 20 slots left open for the $20 a month slot.
There are infinite number of $10 super fast sketches open per month, so please sign up for that if you just want a quick doodle of something, plus you get the monthly ‘Thank you’ card.

Currently, I am standing at $420 on my Patreon. My goal is to get to my second milestone by the end of October. It doesn’t matter if I get a bunch of $1 or $5 sponsors, or more $10 and $20. It all adds up and the rewards are awesome!

The Misty the Mouse Compendium #1 will be available for ordering at: and will first appear at the New York Comic Con in October.
Please check out AVP’s other titles as well!

My own sites can be found here:

Look for me on Twitter as well. My name there is Dutchcartoon



i have watched this at least 300 times and have laughed every single time

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