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The Naked Pool Party continues. A blotto’d Buzz chatting up dirtyduckdraw's Peppermint Swirl. Pepp <3's the D&D and Buzz is a walking RPG character. Buzz has to make a move. 

I’m not thrilled with this piece…I was tired when finishing it, so the lines got really sloppy and I didn’t even bother with an attempt at a background. It is my first attempt at one of Ducky’s Swirl sisters, so that’s a plus. But, man…comparing Buzz to a normal sized gal, her tits are out of control. It’s nuts. Oh, well..train can’t stop, it’s how she looks and I’m sticking with it.

"Sure ah’ve slain orcs b’fore..lots’ of ‘em. Dragons, too!"

Buzz has never slain a dragon. Maybe if you count kobolds..they’re like really tiny dragon things. 



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Omg reblogging this cuz I always forget

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