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okay so here is the dilemma i face - i do most of my painting on a CRT - because it has a larger gamut and tends not to color shift when i move my head a little - with a medium range (6500K) screen temperature - but almost everyone views my work on an LCD display

on the left is the unadjusted image - what i call “finished” or “actual” - on a CRT the background should be virtually all greys and the figure has a very dark rich indigo-black tonal range to where you almost cant see where the color ends and the ink outline begins - the dress is basically cel-shaded and is of medium to low saturation - BUT - on an LCD the color of this image is very washed out and the inks are very discernable on the figure - the colors are very off with the figure almost an aquamarine color

on the right is the same image after i have roughly adjusted it for LCD - i have attempted to duplicate the brightness saturation and basic hues the original displays on CRT - on LCD it looks okay - its still a little washed out and the color values are a little off - some of the color varation has posterized out too - but it roughly approximates the feel of the original - BUT - on CRT the image on the right is oversaturated and super dark - too dark to be worked on in the first place in fact - and the figure and background lose all detail and blend into each other

so that is my dilemma - CRT is my monitor of choice because of what i consider its superior color characteristics - but i suspect few viewers see the images the way they are meant to appear :/

(i have no idea how to reply to replies - it is either missing or totally unintuitive)

certifiedhypocrite asks: “Can it be solved after completing the original? post-processing stuff?”

that is what i have done here and it is a lot of additional work which produces imperfect and unsatisfying results :/ the color gamuts of the two kinds of monitor just do not map to each other so replication of CRT on LCD isnt possible - for example LCD doesnt have true black - just a very dark grey - so its a question of whether i want to post a compromised image which looks okay but not great or an intact image which most people dont have the equipment to view - i could solve all this by printing a book of my work and distributing that but who reads books anymore? ^.^

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